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President-Shri Shivajirao Bhanudas Kardile
Vice President-Shri Mahadev Haribhau Jadhav
Secretary -Shri Gorakhnath Daulat Sathe
Vice Secretary -Shri Somnath Tulashiram Gunjal
Treasures -Shri Tryambak Haribhau Kardile
Member -Shri Akshay Shivajirao Kardile
Member -Shri Balasaheb Trimbak Wagh
Member -Shri Janardhan Radhakisan Kardile
Member -shri Uttam Chimaji Jadhav
Member -Shri Bhausaheb Gangadhar Kardile
Member -Shri Prakash Kundalik Kardile

Principal Desk :-- “Teachers are the pillars of a Nation.” It is correct in sense because Society is directly and indirectly shaped by the contribution of teachers.Teacher is the only person who can change an attitude of society. Values can be directly inculcated through proper channels which are shown by The teacher educators. Everyone has to pay back to the society in the form of teaching only. This modern era having the demand of ICT in each Field of the society, so teachers have to have command over the means of ICT. One has to determine the roles in the areas like spiritual, social, scientific, and professional skills. The college aims to produce professionals, competent, and committed teacher to develop the society and social related problems

Objectives Of The College:-
1)To inspire individual, social, emotional and intellectual competency.
2) To create an awareness among student teachers about community, national and global issues.
3) To provide opportunities to interact with experts in the field of education.
4) To train the student-teachers in imparting and evaluating learning experiences .
5) To inspire student-teachers to meet the challenges of dynamic society.
6) To nurture the thirst for knowledge and skill in the latest innovations the technologies in education.
7) To sensitize the student-teachers towards the threatening environmental issues.
8) To direct the student-teachers to fulfill their role as nation builders.
9) To foster and nurture good character and high moral persona of the pupil teachers.
10) To develop Self-confidence and their Overall Personality.
11) To foster the Democratic Values and Sprit of Global citizenship.
12) To create an awareness about Community Work.
13) To ensure the all round development of student-teachers.

Our Vision :-To create Educational opportunities for rural students and empower student-teachers to tackle changing needs and challenges of contemporary Indian Society.

Our Vision :-
1) To provide Education to all classes of society especially to downtrodden, economically and socially backward section of the society.
2) To provide academic intellectual and practical training essential for teaching Proficiency through teacher personality development.
3) To develop proper abilities and vigor in the teacher trainees for contributing to the Community and National Development through efficacious teaching and use of technology.
4) To help the teacher trainees to learn together and co-operatively with united mind and soul through equitable spirit.
5) To provide proper orientation and training in National values and core-elements that are relevant to India’s cultural ethos.
6) To develop passion for truth and knowledge and compassion for brethren.
7) To promote Teacher Education in Rural Area , to prepare students-teachers effective to face the challenges of modern society.



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